How do you Phở?

by Rolld 3 Comments
To all the Phở-lovers from all walks of life, how do you Phở? 
Do you sip it, slurp it, swirl it or savour it? Chopsticks or fork it? Are you a Phở connoisseur nimbly  navigating chopsticks and soup spoon, do you load your bowl with all things spice or pack in a pile of fresh herbs?
Whether you were slurping Phở in your high chair or have only recently tasted this fragrant soup –  everyone has their twist on how to eat this Vietnamese classic!
There is no perfect way to eat Phở, as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.
So tell us, how do you Phở?!


THE rookie

The Rookie is just discovering the world of Phở and while it may be a familiar classic to some, the elements of this Vietnamese noodle soup are still foreign in the eyes of this newbie.
The Rookie is always looking for something fresh to boost their vibe/Insta followers and there’s no time to waste when you’re craving content other than smashed avo on toast.
A Phở can garner some serious Insta likes when viewed through the Valencia coloured glasses of The Rookie.
Besides, it won’t cost you an arm, leg, or your first home owners deposit. That’s something to #likefollowandsubscribe to!

The Chilli-an 

Are you ready to spice things up? Because the Chilli-an is feeling hot hot hot.
A lover of all things Scoville, this feisty Phở lover has no fear when it comes to extra chilli in their soup.
A palette like no other, The Chilli-an simply can’t Phở without srira-cha-cha in one hand and chilli flakes in the other. They believe chilli provides the perfect balance - Seafood, Sliced Rare Beef, Mushroom and Tofu - you name it, they’ll spice it up.
Not everyone can handle the heat, but The Chilli-an is one hot tamale.


THE Herbivore 

Winner winner, tofu dinner.
The Herbivore is a friend to the animals, the earth and the reusable coffee cup.
When they’re not riding their fixie to their favourite Northside brunch haunt, 
you’ll find The Herbivore 
cultivating crops in their backyard - no herb is ever out of season for this green thumb. 
This master of monstera lives for the greenery and loads up their Phở with all the coriander, Vietnamese mint and bean shoots they can get their hands on.


THE slurper

You  know  what  they  say...a  Phở  a  day  keeps  the  doctor  away.  No stranger to Phở and its various Phở-lavours, The Slurper is a regular at Roll’d. 
They’ve mastered the perfect balance of sriracha, coriander, hoisin and chilli with natural ease.
They’ve got Phở running through their veins.
The rarer the beef, the better. The slurper is unafraid to slurp as soon as the bowl hits the table.
Life can get messy, why should Phở be any different?! 


THE Connoisseur

The  Phở  Connoisseur  is  Australia’s  self-appointed authority  on  all  things  Phở. 
They  will  leave  no  bowl  unturned  (but will send it back if it’s anything less than perfect).   
The Connoisseur mastered the art of chopsticks in kindergarten and boy will they let you know.
They  dip  their  beef  delicately  into  ramekin  of  hoisin  and  sriracha  without  getting  a  drop  on  their  perfectly  pressed  clothes  while  maintaining  the  ideal  chopstick  etiquette- impressive.